The Anniversary project was created and produced by Nance Ackerman and Jamie Alcorn of Heartstring Productions, Halifax, NS. in collaboration with Stitch Media.

This project could have never happened if it wasn’t for the generous support of the following people. And to them we offer grateful and heartfelt thanks:

  • John and Lettie Carter
  • Jack Howell
  • Elaine and Brian Hanson
  • Pam Ackerman
  • Joan Lindley
  • Stephen Parker
  • David Forgay
  • Peter Brown
  • John Mahoney
  • Christopher Ball
  • And we would also like to thank:
  • Evan Jones (Creative Designer/development, Web)
  • Dana Herlihey / Colin Busby (Web design)
  • Lindsay Alcorn (facebook management, craft services)
  • Sarah Squires (research)
  • Andrea at Chez Pops, Montreal
  • Abdikheir Ahmed and the staff at IRCOM
  • Tim Broadhagen from Cops and Kids
  • Lois Kalchman
  • Brian Desjardins, Dixie Desmarais, Cathryn Fortier from St. Mary’s Home
  • Debbie Reimer
  • Aram Kouyoumdjian (Music Video production/direction)
  • Coco Love Alcorn (Song co-writer/performer)
  • Simon Farla
  • Scott Thorne (Camera Assistant)
  • Rob Eshelby (Gaffer)
  • Jason Goodyear (Grip)
  • Jason Grant (Grip)
  • Kris Gilbert, William F. White
  • Ruby at Sim Video
  • Christie at Telus, Young St.
  • Aki Tchitacov from Dans La Rue
  • Jean Paul and Ace at NextGen and J2K
  • Ruth MacDonald
  • Mary Dunlop, the staff and kids at Durham Youth Shelter
  • Sharmini Fernando at Regent Park Pathways to Education
  • Donna de Filipes
  • Tony Jno Baptiste, Ron and the folks at Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough
  • Jimmy Papatie in Kitcisakik
  • Carmen Klassen
  • Brian and Rob Power at PowerPost
  • Janice and David Hatfield
  • Tom Roach
  • Long and Mcquade
  • Stuart Maclean
  • Anthony Rissesco
  • Sean Kemp
  • Pat Hayes
  • Al Strickland
  • Annette Clarke
  • Amy Stewart
  • Bill Zimmerman
  • Susan Hauer
  • Christine Smith Parnell at VATJSS in Vancouver
  • Becky Mason, Feed NS
  • Megan Leslie
  • Danielle Derochie

And to all the kids who shared their lives with us, even for a moment.

Direction, Photography and Writing by Nance Ackerman.
Sound recording, Music and Mixing by Jamie Alcorn.

Heartstring Productions,